Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DECISIONS, Decisions. . . HELP... Which background ??

A few more stars are sewn  up and I need to choose a background. Can't seem to decide, so thought I'd put a picture on my blog and see what others think. 

Which is better, the GREEN, or the BLACK ? 
The black [it might even be very dark blue!]seems to help the colors in the stars 'pop', but it can't run through the printer using INKLINGO [to print the shapes] because the back of the fabric is too dark... I'd have to use FP templates, or EPPing.  The green might not be the best choice, but it WILL go through the printer and simplify the final cutting & piecing!

Sheesh... I can't decide. What do YOU think?

Thanks for stopping by and having a look. I appreciate your comments and opinions.
Cyn; -)


tich said...

I prefer the green. Like the stars!

Cathi said...

How are you going to set them? If it's just with black diamonds of the same size as those printed, why not print some sheets of muslin or some other fabric and use on top of the black fabric to cut. And then you can follow the stitching lines on your printed pieces to stitch the black on to the stars.

Elly D said...

This isn't going to help.... I like the dark blue;) Have you tried the strongest red on the back?
I got the Jo Morton dark blue with little circles and I've used the strongest red ink print.


Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE your stars, BTW!!!!

I have similar ones here! LOL


Rosa Robichaud said...

I prefer the Jo Morton (dark) blue.... Come on - you KNOW you wanna make that table topper!



Frummie said...

The blue is the way to go. I don't remember which designer made mine, you might ask Elaine. Buy blue that you can print on...LOL
You really don't need that much.

Susan said...

It seems that the blue is the favorite of most people but the green has a softer look. I think I like that best. That being said, it is your quilt and you get to decide. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Brigitte said...

hi Cyn,
I would prefer the GREEN, the dark is tooooo dark for me. Or to say it different that would be the classical way, I normally like to do it differently

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am voting for the green as well...

Gill in Canada

Wenche said...

I think you should go with the fabric that creates the most contrast. That way the stars will be real stars :)

Hanne said...

I like the look of the green background, even if I am not a green person.
Speedy recovery to you!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love the dark it shows off the stars in a wonderful manner. Carolyn in Des Moines, Iowa USA