Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WOWZER ... Blog Has A New Face...

When I signed in today a little message popped up. Looked like it might have some new design opportunities for my blog... and it did! After just a few clicks, I now have a totally NEW LOOK! Now that was fun and totally frustration free! lol

I had tried this before a few times but got 'lost' in the HTML or whatever language it was using. LOL. This makeover just took a few mouse clicks! I love it when something is changed to be easy and simple!

Today I'm printing up more Inklingo diamond shapes for some buddettes I'm trading with. I'll post another picture of these cute little diamond stars after I make more progress.

Hope you like the "face lift" my blog received today. I really like the blue sky and soft white clouds that are in the new border--reminds me of driving down the road which is something I really like to do.

Thank you for stopping by & have a nice day everyone...


Cyn; -)


Elly D said...

Whit whooo!! (wolf whistle) Great new look Cyn :) You've got a few more stars done than me so I better get a stitchin' Hugs Ellyx

Rosa Robichaud said...

Cyn... I agree and in fact, it was the FIRST thing that I thought of, "Gee, this looks like a road trip!"

LOVE your new-to-us blog!!!!

Now, if you're like me.... the REAL challenge is to find the time to write on it, every now and then! *grin*


Frummie said...

Hi Cyn,
Do LOVE the blog. The pics are great. I tried to sew and it was a little painful, decided not to push. Will try again in another day or so.

I am going to start on my blog again I hope, real soon. I think the last time was a year ago. Will try again.



Terry said...

Hi Cyn, Love the new blog look:) I saw that same message today and changed mine too!!! Great minds think alike:) Didn't choose the same one you did, but I thought it was time for a change and like you, I could never figure all the other junk out to change mine, either. But this was sooooo easy (LOL) Good to hear from you again.