Friday, May 31, 2013

QUICK POST... Tiny Shirts & Little Bags

Our area is gearing up for a Quilt Run - sort of like a Shop-Hop. Many of us are helping ARETOY, our favorite local quilt shop, get ready. The Run opens June 20, but there is lots of prep work to do.
The Rotary Cutter in the pic shows how small the shirts are... cute!
This summer's theme is: Hawaii Five-O!  We are all making aprons for the staff to wear from Hawaiian fabrics. From the cut-a-ways and scraps, I have been making tiny Hawaiian shirts that will become holders for purse-size Kleenex packages. High on the cutesy meter!  Also, some of these shirts will be hung around the shop for decoration.
Close up of a shirt and a few bags
The other current project is making small bags to hold Crushed Walnut Shells that so many of us love using to stuff our pincushions with. My friend Joy [no blog] is creating gorgeous lined baskets to hold these little Chotskies [can't spell it; can barely say it! lol]... let's call them Doo-Dahs! I have about 50 bags completed so far and about a dozen shirts. I need to get a picture of the first basket Joy made... it's stunning!
My fave fabric is the one on the left... I'd love to have a dress from that!
Sew. . . I've been sewing like mad and that's why you haven't heard from me. Next time, I'll share another small project and then give an update on my Never Ending Granny crochet project which is coming along pretty well. Pat and LuAnn are also making a NEG.

Thank you for popping in to visit. I hope you'll come back again real soon.

Quilty Hugs,


beaquilter said...

ohhh these shirts are AWESOME!! do you have a pattern or care to share? my mom loooove hawaiian shirts and uses kleenex in DK a lot (I don't) I'd love to make her some

Needled Mom said... fun!!! I love those little Kleenix shirts. Very cute.

Createology said...

Being busy and making such terminally cute fabric shirts and bags is a very good thing. Sew on dear...

Judy1522 said...

The shirts are so cute!

tich said...

You are one busy lady. Cute, cute, cute!