Saturday, January 19, 2013

FRILL, FRILLS, FRILLY... it's all in the yarn

Today saw another finish. Yippee Skippee, love that! I had some Sashay yarn by Red Heart that was calling my name.  I had already made one frill scarf by crocheting it [sorry no pic], but I wanted to try a knitted version.

So fun to throw around the neck and over the shoulder

Lay across neck front [ends will be in back]; bring ends to front... see pic below for the final twist

... now just flip the ends together and voila! a nice jabow [probably didn't spell that right]

The frills on this scarf are more plentiful and pleasing to me than the crocheted version I made previously
I used my metal, size 9, 'square-shaft' straight needles. These needles are fun and so easy to hold!  So, I knitted and knitted and... well, I worked on it off.n.on for just over a week. Whew. Finished today. Result? I prefer the knitted version b/c it is so soft and the frills are really frilly! But if I needed one fast, I would crochet it!

Oh, please do not mind the old, droopy and wrinkly neck in these photos. I had to use myself b/c my gorgeous DD wasn't available. And, btw, that's what happened to the other scarf... she modeled it for me and then it went to live with her! lol. I never even got a picture of it. The pic is in her phone! *big sigh*

Until next time. . . what are YOU working on?

Quilty Hugs,


Sheila said...

I love it, Cyn. There are so many exciting knitting products available now!

Needled Mom said...

It looks so pretty! They are such fun to make too.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Crocheting, knitting, Cyn! Beautil scarf and I had to laugh about your daughter going home with the modeled scarf.....happens to me all the time.

Createology said...

Very pretty scarf. I just bought a skein of Sashay and intend to crochet it for Vicki's Pink Scarf for Cancer donation. I better get busy. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Cathi said...

I love that scarf! That really makes me wish I could still knit.

Elly D said...

The burgundy colours of the scarf look great against the paler green of your top! LOL.. Daughters!! what are they like.. good job we adore them.