Sunday, December 16, 2012

PERFECT 9 PATCH - any size, NO math!

Mini Product Review:  The CutRite Nine Patch Ruler by QuiltersParadise, Escondido, CA, is totally amazing! Take ANY square, any size, doesn't have to be divisible by 3, and NO math involved! Interested? Read on...
CutRite Nine Patch Ruler, by Quilters Paradise, Escondido, CA
I took two lop-sided charm squares and trued them up to 4 5/8 inches square. Laid the CT9P Ruler on the square, made two dots, sewed, cut and voila! Perfect. After Christmas I'll write a tute on this amazing ruler and how it works.  It is simple, fast and accurate... what else does this quilter want? Nothing! lol. BTW, I have no affliation with this company - just love their product. Oh, and they are very nice people, too!

This little gem-of-a-ruler has been languishing in my 'extra' ruler drawer for months... years? I am Happy Dancing! Love this thang. My two odd-ball squares made into two perfect 9patches. Below are two 9 patches sewn together which will be the background for some applique - small style... very very small! lol.
Two 9Patches sewn together to create a 'field' for some applique
Until next time. . . How about YOU?  Have you recently 'discovered' something wonderful in your sewing space... what is it?  Meanwhile, you can recognize me as the crazy woman still sewing her brains out!

Quilty Hugs,


Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Look forward to your tutorial on this ruler, Cyn...sounds like a 'must have' to add to my list!

Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year, too!!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your little 9 patch is beautiful.....hmmmm.....I see my favorite...batiks! I can't wait to see your review as I've never heard of that ruler and you know I love rulers! I finally used my specialty rotary blades and discovered yesterday a couple old rotary cutters so I can put each specialty blade in it's own cutter!

Emily Breclaw said...

Can't wait to see your tute! My Monday morning brain can't comprehend how the ruler enabled that so quickly, but AWESOME! Might have to order some of these as Christmas presents!!

I've recently discovered batting tape. Amazing stuff. I'm looking forward to using up all the huge batting scraps around my studio. Hope you have fun sewing today!!