Saturday, December 22, 2012


Secret Santa gifts are so fun! This year for our Annual Family Party we were given a range of how much we could spend: $15-$20.  Below is how I wrapped my little gifty which is all bling and very little substance!. . . . hee hee hee:
Secret Santa Gift
But first things first...
1.) Find rock from neighbor's yard -- ask first! lol --  clean, wrap in tissue paper, put in bottom of bag:
"cost" of rock NOT factored into the $15 to $20
2.) Slip Lotto Tickets inside set of 4 special Holiday Coasters:
Coasters / Mug Rugs from scraps + Lotto tickets
3.) Wrap Coasters in tissue... add bow. Place in bag and 'poof' the bag out with more tissue paper [see above]:
Coasters n Lotto tickets all wrapped up
Ta Dah! All done. I'm such a kid this time of can't help it! Until next time, what devious methods have YOU devised to wrap your gifts???


From my home to yours -- whatever you celebrate and share this time of year may your Season be full of blessings, family, friends, good food, and fun.

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Love n Quilty Hugs,

PS: If I turn up MIA from posting for a few days it might be a result of too much party or too much "festive drinks" at the party! lol


Sheila said...

Good idea!!!!

Deb A said...

Great idea! Love your wrapping. Have a wonderful holiday.

scraphappy said...

Glad you are having fun with your wrapping. It is sure to keep them guessing.

Elly D said...

I could have done with your ribbon tying expertise this afternoon when I was struggling to do a nice bow with some tatty white wired florist ribbon. I gave up in the end thinking that the ribbon had seen better days and would look best left off the wreath around the advent candles at church. LOL..
A stone?? The mind boggles, LOL.. Your little coasters are so gorgeous and I hope one of those tickets is lucky :) hugs Ellyx

Pat from Florida said...

Too funny! Merry Christmas to you.

Michelle said...

Very pretty!