Monday, September 24, 2012

SHOPPING - Two Good Experiences

Too often we are quick to relate a bad shopping experience, but lax in reporting a good one. Well I just had TWO really good shopping experiences - one online & the other a follow-up to an inquiry made to a vendor at the San Diego Quilt Show.
Fabric from: Vicki at the Quilting Lodge
 First : Vicki at Quilting Lodge. She offered some special sales on her blog last Friday and I ordered a few. They arrived in TODAY's mail! Now that's fast shipping. Vicki said she would ship them out right away and she sure did! Thank you, Vicki.
Marti Michele Templates & books from: Cherie & Rod, Quilts In The Attic.
Vendor at the recent San Diego Quilt Show: Cherie & Rod from Quilts In The Attic. They were pretty sure they still had what I was asking about, but didn't have access to it during the show. Rod offered to look for it and mail it to me after the show closed. They sure did! Thank you so much, Cherie & Rod, for excellent customer service - fast, too!

I will definitely shop from both of these businesses in the future!  Really NICE people!! Have you found some extra special businesses that go the extra mile and that you are happy with? It would be nice to see some listed in the Comments... we could all benefit, eh?

Until next time. . . I have some more binding to sew on [I love to bind!]. What are you up to today?

Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

Oh Cyn. We must be long lost cousins or something. I LOVE to sew binding! Wow you met up with some good people.

My favorite on-line folks are Fat Quarter Shop and Whittles. Both have amazing service. They answer questions right away, are happy to tell me what I can't see on-line (like which of these combos go together best, or how large are those flowers?)

What are you using the Marti Michelle templates for? I hear good things about them, and have a few.

Sheila said...

Very positive post. I like to do binding, too. It means I'm almost finished making a quilt : )

LuAnn said...

I like to bind and have found that it is a good project to do while riding in the car. I have always had a good experience with Fat Quarter Shop and Fabric Shack over in OH. I've also ordered through and have had good luck with everyone there. I really like those charm packs!

giddy99 said...

I love binding, too! I love making the bias binding, and attaching it. :)

Vicki from the Quilting Lodge is the BEST! Fast, friendly, professional, and SO HELPFUL! I've used two of her tutorials with great success, as well! I'll go back there, to be sure.

Avoid At all costs.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great additions to your stash and Vicki from the Quilting Lodge does a fantastic job! I recently bought a wire frame from Fons & Porter that was damaged and they were very nice and fast about replacing it. Thanks for sharing.
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Deb A said...

I love doing binding too. So glad you had some good shopping experiences.

Emily said...

So good to hear of positive shopping experiences! Can't wait o see what you're doing with the templates. I love, love, love her hexagon sets!!

And thanks for linking to my post the other day!! So fun to *meet* your followers! :-)

Elly D said...

Great post Cyn. Very positive. You're right, most folk will moan about a bad experience but not trumpet a good one.

I have many favourite online shops, one of them is Stitchingpostquilts.

so what are your plans for the charms?

Anonymous said...

Online shopping is really good for all to make more easy to get any products and you can giving really nice information about online shopping.

sulrossgrad (Emma) said...

As a former manager of a chain retail fabric store, I so appreciate your acknowledgement of good customer service, be it online or in person. Rarely did I have the pleasure of hearing compliments instead of complaints. By the way, I too (as many others) enjoy binding my quilts. It is so relaxing.

Denise :) said...

Good for you!! I've often said the same thing ... we're quick to report negatives, and complacent about sharing great experiences!! Glad you had some *great* experiences -- thanks for sharing them! :)

cynthia said...

i think your mini embroidery quilt for the swap is so pretty - love your color choices. mine went to australia too!