Monday, April 2, 2012

LITTLE BIG BEAK - A Chicken Pincushion

With such a BIG mouth, I think this chick will be named "Little Big Beak."

This little guy [girl??] was quick and fun to make. Just took three Charm Squares and a couple inches of rick-rack. First, baste the comb/beak onto two adjoining edges of a Charm Square. I double folded the yellow for the beak.
Trim excess rick-rack from seam allowance after basting.
Next, lay other Charm Square on top lining up edges and stitch around, leaving end opposite the beak completely unsewn/open - this is where the tail will be inserted. Also leave a small opening on another side to turn right side out later. [forgot to take picture at this stage].

Fold one, two or three, small squares [I used three 2.5"] into Prarie Points. Note how the third one is folded slightly different. Was hoping this would 'fluff' his tail somewhat, and it would have had I not sewn it in upside down. lol
Insert tail, lining up edges and matching two seams. Bringing the two seams together will form the "triangle" giving the Chicken his shape. Trim excess parts of PP from seam allowance and turn right side out. Stuff as desired.

This little chick still needs a couple of beads sewn on for eyes, and maybe some dangling feet - we are still discussing that! lol. There are many different ways to approach making this kind of pincushion. For lots of great info, an easy method, and a great tutorial hop on over to: Riley Blake Designs. Go look. Lot's of fun eye-candy. They have loads of pincushion ideas. Too cute!

That's it for today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time. . .

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Pat from Florida said...

Cute! For sure legs/feet. He needs them to balance his big beek, LOL!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Little Big Beak is so cute Cyn and legs/feet would be adorable!TFS

Createology said...

Little Big Beak is super adorable.

Elly D said...

AWWWWW!! Cuteness overloaded here!! LOL... Little Big Beak is so sweet! hugs Ellyx

Rena said...

How cute is this little chick pincushion :o)))

Hugs from the little chick Rena , lol

Happy Easter to you, Cyn

Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE you little BIG Beak Chicky, Cyn!!!!


Tks for sharing, with pics, my friend!