Saturday, April 28, 2012


Cardi D O N E! I think I knitted parts of this sweater three times! lol. But it's done and it did turn out the correct size. . . a nice redeeming quality. It is laying on the blocking board drying right now. Tomorrow it will get its buttons sewn on and then be off to its new home with one of my DD's.

This was a KAL sponsored by LyonBrand Yarn. It is the Simple Raglan Cardi. The pattern is free on their site. If you visit Ravelry, there is a link there also.

I made several changes to the original:
Body: short rows across upper back to lift neck edge; a few more short rows across mid-back to elongate it and keep sweater from riding up; also lengenthened body to just past waist. Did a 10% dec just before bottom ribbing to pull it in. At front edge did a very simple lace insert over 6 stitches of: Sl, K1, YO, K2Tog, YO, K2Tog, continue to work even across row to last 6 stitches: K2Tog, YO, K2Tog, YO, K2. [I slip the first stitch of every row!]

Sleeves: Lengthen to 3/4; work straight to this length then rapid dec of 15 stitches to equal 40, then rib with size 6dpn needles - this gives a one-inch negative ease which perfectly fits DD's elbow/arm circum' of 8.75inches. Working in the round eliminates the sleeve seam and makes this cardi almost seamless [except for weaving 6 stitches at underarm].

Front Band: b/c body was lengthened, more p/up stitches were required. I used 88 which is a muliple of 4 for the K2P2 rib with extra 4 for beg/end and a sl 1 at beg on each row. Size 6 needle. Buttons = 5/8 and 3/4 inch: i bought both and will decide which to sew on tomorrow... probably 3/4 inch.

If I make this again I will knit two rows plain after all yoke increases are finished where yoke, sleeves, body are separated for knitting the lower body. This will greatly facilitate weaving the underarm stitches later. Also, will either knit the whole in the round with a front steek, OR knit the front bands at same time as making the sweater. It seems counterproductive and too much extra work to this knitter to BOTH work back/forth AND pickup for the front bands. This is a nice and very easy pattern. I ran into a bit of trouble b/c I wasn't paying attention when I made several changes to the original pattern -- life happens, eh?! lol

If you decide to knit this little cardi, I hope you will share your project. There is a group on Ravelry. I am "KnittyCyn" - come visit.

I can't close today without sharing what I caught Missy doing the other day. It seems the porcelin bowl was calling her name. I don't understand the facination she has with the sink... at least it is not the toilet! lol

That's it for today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time. . .

Quilty Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous Cyn! Nice work but it certainly doesn't look like an easy pattern to me!!

Just beautiful!


Jane said...

It's a lovely shape, I am sure your DD will enjoy wearing it

Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE the sweater!! Am totally slack-jawed at how you can make this and make it sound like it's easy... LOL

As for kitty, she's following her blood lines - it's the savage and wild feline in her, drinking by the river. *grin*


scraphappy said...

Beautiful sweater! The changes you made add a lot to the finished product, even if they made it a lot more work. Congratulations on a finish. Always a great feeling.

Elly D said...

Congratulations Cyn!!! Another finish and a beautiful one at that!!
Your DD's cardi turned out wonderful, she is sure to love it.
And I agree with Rosa, you make it sound so easy yet I know it isn't, LOL.
Great job!
As for Missy, LOLOL... Isn't it funny the things they do.
Love and hugs

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Congrats, how beautiful! Our kitties love drinking from the faucet in the tub. If we go into the bathroom they come running and sit in the tub until we turn on the water.

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi Cyn.... The sweater is beautiful... I could never do something like that... You cat is sweet and my sister cat does the same thing to get a drink or curl up in it to sleep.... Hugs :)

Deb A said...

Beautiful sweater. My old cat always loved drinking out of the sink. Sweet memories.

Pat from Florida said...

The sweater is wonderful! Makes me want to pick up my needles!

Cat's, not so much. They make me sneeze! But, ok, she's cute with her sink facination.