Monday, May 23, 2011

Do You Have A Favorite... An OLDIE BUT GOODIE???

Do you have a favorite quilt? You know what I mean... the one always hanging around where you can see it? One of my favorite quilts is quite small. It hangs on the back wall in the kitchen area. I made it a very long time ago -- in the 1980's, I think.  It is all made from bits and pieces -- just leftovers. It's one of those quilts, that the further you stand back from it, the stronger the movement-illusion becomes.
A friend and I had been fooling around with dying and marbeling just to see what we could come up with. After my 'main' project was completed for a Challenge, I had some bits left over... what to do with them? I strip pieced the bits onto little squares of muslin. I used mostly the hand-dyeds, but there were a few 'commercial' fabrics mixed in. The fun little quilt above was the end result of this experiment.

The feathers on the black border are quilted in teal thread. I love to draw feathers and used "paper folding" on this project. It is easy to cut a piece of paper for the border width and length, then fold it in half [long way]... open it back up. Now fold end to end, again and again [you are making "sections"]... now just draw a feather shape that you are happy with inside ONE of the sections, then simply keep folding the paper back over itself and tracing -- voila! Perfect and consistant feathers. Now transfer your design to the quilt top, layer and quilt. Works great.

Thank you for stopping by to visit. . . I hope where ever you are that you have both the time and the inclination to create something that makes you happy.


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Cattinka said...

Hi Cyn,
maybe you can show the feather drawing step by step one day, it sounds very interesting.
I like the little quilt a lot, it is timeless, it looks like you just made it.