Sunday, September 19, 2010


These shoes are made for walkin' . . . .--feel free to hummm along here-- lol, but these LACES are for pure F-U-N! 

These laces came recently as a "Happy Mail" surprise from my good friend, Rosa.  Aren't they fun?  Thank you, Rosa!  Now I'm Pickled Tink!

This is just a quickie post so everyone doesn't think I've fallen off the edge of the planet--again! lol.  As soon as I learn how to better read and post from my iPod, I'll be able to post more regularly, even while laid up.

See who's keeping me company? My darling little kitty Miss Diva, who follows me from room to room now. LOL... it's really cute! To show what a dainty little kitty she really is: the LC quilt she is laying on has finished blocks of less than 9 inches and Missy weighs less than 9 pounds! She's tiny. She's not to be messed with, however, for whatever she may lack in size, she more than makes up for in "attitude"! lol

Hope everyone is having time to stitch and enjoy the last benefits of summer!
Cyn; -)


Cattinka said...

Oh my, you have a tiny cat... my tomcat it about double of her size he weight good 7kg!
Have fun walking with your shoes with the new ties in them!

Elly D said...

Oh Cyn! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning:)
your tatting is superb! WOW!! Mucho kudos to you for making the book marker it is so beautiful.
Your shirt sleeve project sounds interesting how did you come to be using all those shirt sleeves? Great recycle idea :) seems I'll be taking home a couple of my mums clothing to do something with :)) some Woollens to shrink further and a couple dresses. :))
Miss kitty is sooooo cute!!
Love and hugs
Elly (also still getting to grips with her iPod LOL ;))

LuAnn said...

This reminds me of that old song...remember. He wore tan shoes with pink shoe laces; a polka dot vest and man oh man. Cute kitty!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love your shoe laces. I have some flowered one and another pair that are blue and dark blue poka dot! Such fun to wear!

I see who is keeping you company our Miss Abbie does the samething. Don't you just love it!

Hugs, Carolyn