Friday, September 3, 2010

Reducing the UFO Piles. . . . Crochet, Tatting & FF Blocks

It is time to reduce the UFO pile that has grown in leaps and bounds! Past time actually... lol.  OMGosh, the holidays are almost upon us and I have yet to begin making those projects. LOL. So, here is what I've been working on finishing up lately:
Saw a picture of a clutch purse on the LionBrandYarn website that was the inspiration for DD's crocheted clutch purse:

PROCESS: Began with Cone of cotton yarn; crocheted a rectangle of sorts & blocked it; wove sides together & made a lining; crocheted a button and completed finishing work. Ta dah... done!

The two pockets inside were made to fit and accomodate her cell phone and the small personal size of Kleenex tissues. I had also made a loop inside to clip her keys to, but she decided she didn't want that so I removed it.

Three Frosty Flake blocks completed & the forth and fifth ones printed, cut out, and ready for sewing. Because I think it's good to try different methods, I used EPPing on the Green one, but have returned to Inklingo as it is so much faster and precise. I am using a small drop of Roxanne's Glue Baste It on the outside s.a. edges to facillitate the applique process--I love this stuff!

As you can see in these photos,  the beads I used are too BIG and the blocks look a bit gaudy! Just because the package says "Seed Beads" don't believe it! lol.  If this continues to bother me I can always take a hammer to every other bead, and embroider a French Knot in its place! LOL.  Also, made a couple of bad embroidery mistakes on the green one, so perhaps I'll just do that one over. . . yeah, sure, in my  next life time. lol
The other two recent finishes are a potholder that is so bad that I won't even share the picture with you. . . and some Tatting. 
This year I've taught myself how to Needle Tat and more recently Shuttle Tat. I like them both but am able to do finer lace work using the shuttle. Here is a little bookmark that I finished yesterday:

The end of the Bookmark pattern says, " ... then cut and tie". Well, I understand the 'cut' the thread from the ball part, but tie what to what, and then what does one do with the ends? Hmmmm, hopefully someone out in Blogland is a Tatter and can advise me... that would be wonderful! Meanwhile, I think some severe blocking would benefit this little item greatly!
That is all for now. . . I hope everyone is having a wonderful day full of working on the crafts we all love.
Cyn; -)


Cattinka said...

You have made good progress on your UFO´s, I like your crochet purse, and the snowflakes. I don´t have any idea how you made the almost finished bookmark, but it is looking good. I hope you can find something to teach you how to finish it up.

Susan said...

I am a novice tatter but I just threaded a sharp needle and ran the end through some of the tatting and then cut it...........

Perhaps someone out there knows the right way.

Brigitte said...

congratulation for the finish!!! doesn't it feel gooood?
No experience with tating here, just bobbinlace - hopefully somebody can help

Jane Eborall said...

The way I do this is to tie the end of the chain into the bottom of the first ring (use a double overhand knot). Then thread a sewing needle with each 'end' and sew into the tops of the tatting stitches. There are a lot of 'tips and techniques' on my page for shuttle tatters. Here's the link.

Frummie said...

Oh Cyn, you are making me feel down.

I don't think my UFO pile will get done in my lifetime...LOL

Love you,


tich said...

Gosh you have been busy!! Love all the pics, and there is nothing wrong with the beads!!