Friday, January 9, 2009

Flattening the learning curve. . .

Today I've been trying to flatten out my Blog learning curve by clicking around on the various tabs in Blogger. There is a lot of stuff here! I figured out how to add a photo to the header on the opening page, but couldn't get it sized correctly so I deleted it. I think me and my delete button are going to become very close friends! lol. I did manage to get a photo u/l in the "about me" gadget area. I chose to u/l a DearJane block as a 'placeholder' because I don't have a recent picture of myself. I'm always the one behind the lens, you see, not in front of it!
Well, this is enough blog-time for this morning as I need to go and finish putting away the Christmas decorations. The house feels a bit dowdy and bland with all the foo-foo taken down. I really get a kick out of the decorations. . . do you, too?
Bye for now. . .


Rosa Robichaud said...

WOW!!! the girl's gonna be givin' bloggin' lessons, soon! LOL

Looks great, Cyn!


Elly D said...

LOL Rosa, you could be right... hee heee..
Cyn you're doing great!!! Don't hurt your hand by over doing it with the delete button.
I know what you mean about the Christmas decorations coming down. It's blaaah. Our tree just got packed away today. Still have to haul some decorations back up to the attic. May get that done tomorrow or I may just sew.
Cyn trying posting a picture into your blog... investigate the menu along the top of the blog posting box. waft you cursor over them to see what each one does... Hasta luego.. hugs Elly

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am impressed, very nice Cyn! I'm with you on the "delete" key, a personal favorite of mine. Hugs, Elaine in SLO,Ca