Monday, September 3, 2012

SAND CASTLE ART. . . Competition in San Diego

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Thank you to everyone who participated and left comments.
WINNERs will be announced TOMORROW, Tuesday!

Last Friday was the "U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Expo". It was held on one of the piers in San Diego Harbor. It was so interesting to see it while in the set-up phase. Artists from all over the world assembled for this competition.  I have seen beautiful sand art before, but never in-process. It was so interesting to see it from the beginning and to speak with some of the artists. A wonderful day... sit back, there are quite a few pictures to enjoy.
Artist's name was not credited for this amazing piece of sculpture. Sad.
1) Build a form, 2) Fill with sand & pound it down tight!
Another form taking shape
Karen Fralich working a shovel for initial shaping.
Karen & Cyn - Karen was so fun to talk to. She is a pro and this is her livelyhood. She's won many awards!
This guy was so fun: said I could take a pic, but I had to bring him a BEER... a COLD one! lol
Look close on the left [near his face], he is sculpting a 'loo'. It's a replica of his DD's Doll House.
Even Channel 9 News was there taking some "B-Roll" [I think that's the term]
Look at the size of his uplink attenna!
An action shot: this shows how/what 'pounding sand' is... and what hard work it is!
Watch those feet with that Iron Pounder!
BIG play space for the kids and all sorts of tools for them to try out... live band in the background.
All pictures taken with permission of participants.

Hope you enjoyed the Sand Art.  Until next time. . . let's go stitch something. For me it will be putting a binding on the QAYG "Beasty" - what will it be for you?

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Pat from Florida said...

Amazing! This is engineering, not pail and shovel. I especially like the pregnant couple. I don't think I've seen any like that before. And who doesn't love new life, giving birth. Such hope and inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

What talented people!