Monday, January 30, 2012

BABY GONE WILD... sewing up some Minkee

It is almost "baby time" in our family again -- time to whip up another baby quilt. The new mommy-2-be has chosen Pink & Brown as her color scheme, but also wants animals. While strolling thru the aisles at Road2California earlier this month, I spotted a stack of  animal print Minkees and a light bulb went off! Eureka... this was it! lol.

So far just the 80 squares are arranged on this make-shift design wall*, but I think it might be ok this way and will begin sewing the squares together tomorrow.  The outside edge will be very simple -- large pink rick-rack tucked into the seam... then just stitch the Minkee backing on and birth. A little tack-stitch at the intersections in lieu of quilting, and voila! Done!

That's all for today... I hope where ever you are that you have time to make something that makes you or someone you love happy.

Quilty hugs,

* Make shift design wall: A large piece of flannel tacked to a piece of wood that can be draped over the open doors of my TV armoire in the living room... not fancy, but it works! lol. And when I'm done it can be rolled up and stored behind a bedroom door. ;-)

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