Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HOOKING MY BRAINS OUT . . . or how to make a dozen coasters in one day!

Ok... the oodles of coasters are DONE! Yippee. The hearts were fun and quick to make. Truth be told, I do love to crochet! I started off by watching a YouTube vid by the Crochet Geek that my sweet friend Elly sent to me. Thanks again, Elly!  Then I veered off and did my own thing. 
The same process with the kitty coaster. One of the gals in my DD's office is just crazy about Hello Kitty, so instead of making her a heart, I tried to make a Hello Kitty likeness -- it's close enough, I guess. lol.

So now it's back to sewing. I still haven't started my little Scrap Houses yet! ;(  I want to get started on them right away. Then there is the Batik quilt in the design process. . . .

I am grateful everyday that I am retired and of reasonably good health so I can sew, create, play with fabric, and visit with all of you on the Net!  And, it's good that I can bend over again, because Missy really loves to play "chase the ball". Here's how it goes: I throw/roll the ball, she watches it intently, I go fetch it and bring it back to her! She is a cute and fun kitty, but we all know who is the boss in this house! lol
Have a wonderful day -- thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.



Terry said...

Oh Cyn, Love the coasters....too cute:)
I am bound and determined to learn to crochet this year:) Guess I need to visit that site!

Rosa Robichaud said...

OH MY GOD, Cyn!!!!! Those hearts are TOO adorable and look incredibly difficult to make!!!

*making a long and slow bow to my friend*

You are my new crafty idol!!! *VBG*


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Oh my gosh, I love that you are fetching the ball! Sounds like our silly cats! Your coasters are so cute, I've never seen heart shaped crochet coasters! Noooooo I'm not going to start crocheting again. They are so cute!

Cattinka said...

Hi Cyn!
Did you see? You won over on Jenny of Elefanz Blog! Congratulations!

Craftluver said...

LOL, came to see your new button...couldn't find it and no bloggy either about our pledge! You go girl, you can write about your wonderful achievement! How else can we catch other ladies? You kitty crochet one is adorable! LOL kitty too LOL! Have nothing but love it. Would love to crochet something myself! Just need a teacher!

Craftluver said...

I ment I LOVE KITTY TOO....can't spell right!

Elly D said...

Oh Cyn, your crochet hearts and kitty are so adorable! I love how you've added a little bow too :) Missy looks like she's pondering something. :)) Funny but that's the same game I play with the bunnies... I throw and go retrieve, LOL..