Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Mail: a package from DJ SP

Happy Mail is so much fun to receive. My new DJ Secret Pal sent me a wonderful package for January. Just thought I would share it here. Wow... gorgeous F8ths, marking pencils, a tote pattern, and a beautifully hand written lovely note! Teriffic! I am a happy camper.

Update on Baby Gone Wild: All the squares are together. Now sewing up the last three rows. I hope to get the giant rick rack on the top tomorrow and even bat-it-up. Because it is Minkee on both sides, a simple stitch-n-birth will be the edge finish technique -- but with the rick rack tucked into the seam. After turning, I'm thinking of tying it with mini ribbon instead of floss or pearl, but will make that final decision Friday. After all, it doesn't have to be finished until Friday night! lol.

While sewing this afternoon, my little kitty Missy wanted to be in my lap, then on the machine, then on the quilt! lol.

Have you ever tried to sew with a "lump in your lap", or a cat in and on your sewing machine? I just couldn't resist - I stopped sewing & reached for my camera. lol

Take it from me, sewing with a kitty in your lap does not work out too well. I took the hint and stopped sewing so we could play for a while.

That's all for now. I hope you have time to stitch up something that makes you happy!

Quilty hugs,


Craftluver said...

PH Cyn, your post made ma laugh! Your cat sounds just like our floppy! She also gets in my way while sewing if she needs some attention or likes to play! I hope your baby gone wild will be fine friday! You work hard on it so a little playtime for good for your muscles!

Cattinka said...

Isn´t it nice when the cat comes around and remindes you that you haven´t played with her in a while? They always make you do what they want, dont they?
Have a nice day!

Elly D said...

Congratulations getting your minky sewn up!!
Congrats on the happy mail too :))
Missy has beautiful coloured fur! Guess she thought you'd done enough sewing, LOL...
What machine do you have there? Just being nosey, LOL...

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a sweet package you received! More goodies to play with. Missy is so cute.....have you ever been free-motion quilting and all of a sudden your quilt won't move......because there is a big chubby cat (Simon) sitting on it!
Quilting by the River