Friday, July 15, 2011

I GUESS I CAN'T COUNT From 1 to 10. . . BowTie Block A Day Update

The plan: make several Bowtie blocks using Fruit and Veggie design fabrics and set them into placemats for my breakfast table. Easy? Sure. The Bowtie blocks finish at 6 inches, so if they are set 3 blocks across by 2 rows, that will equal SIX blocks per placemat. Right? OK, I handled it that far. . . so why do I have EIGHT different Fruit/Veggie blocks? Hmmmmm, someone -- me! -- can't count, that's for sure! lol

First layout attempt... notice the two 'extra' green blocks on the far left...perhaps not all the placemats will be the same afterall. lol :

More later... the placemat saga will continue. lol.  Tomorrow: Hexie blocks for my WIP GFG.

Thank you for stopping by. . . until next time I hope you have both the time and inclination to sew up something that makes you or someone you love happy.


Elly D said...

These look delicious Cyn :) How's about a table topper instead with the 8 block ones? Then make more for 6 block mats. :))
You doing GMFG too?

Rosa Robichaud said...

2 extra blocks?!?!??

Perfect for "Mug Rugs"!!!!


They look delish, BTW!!!!

Tks for sharing pics, Cyn!


Candace said...

I like Elly's suggestion, or maybe even an extra placemat or 2 for emergencies. Lots of possibilities.