Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Bowtie blocks: up to 9 now! These little things almost sew themselves together -- really quick! If you want to join in just click here for the info. Today I made "broccoli" and "cherries" to go with the lone "strawberry" block. More to come: corn, oranges, watermelon...etc.. These squares are already cut and can barely be seen, stacked on cutting board below.  Hopefully these will make fun placemats for the kitchen table.

Missy gets a little better each day. Now that we don't have to give her the antibiotics anymore, her little tummy has settled down somewhat and her spirits are higher, too. Ever tried to give oral meds to a cat? Trust me... it's no fun! Not for the cat and certainly not for the caretaker. Her beautiful fur coat has almost fully recovered. There is very little separation & spiking. Even the gloss is returning. Here is Missy hanging out and keeping me company while I was sewing Bowtie blocks earlier today...

Tomorrow I hope to get all the pics from Tuesday posted. Some of the gals in our Friendship Group shared some lovely quilts and I will share them with you [permission given ;-)].

Until then... thank you for stopping by. I hope you have time to sew today.



Rosa Robichaud said...

Can't wait to see 'em all together, Cyn!

I LOVE your food choices, so far, BTW!!! *VBG*


Judi said...

I used to put marmite on pills for the cats, they always wolfed them down!
Love the theme of your Bow Tie Quilt.