Thursday, February 19, 2009

H2H. . . one down, 113 to go

Whew! Finally decided on a design for the first series of Heart2Heart blocks that I'm making. Golly, it's not like me to get such a late start. I am in a swap with 40 others + a private swap or two! If I keep my current design plan of 9 blocks X 12 blocks [for the top of the bed], 108 heart blocks will be needed. This plan calls for an appliqued border to bring the quilt to proper size for a queen bed. Before making a final decision, I will wait and see how many blocks come back from the swap and then go from there.
Ok. . . it's back to the sewing machine I go. Just wanted to post this pic as I feel so good to finally get started! LOL. More later.
Toodles. . . and thanks 4 stopping by!

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Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Cyn:

Just came upon your blog through the link on Rosa's blog! I've got yours bookmarked now. LOVE this heart's sooo pretty!