Friday, February 6, 2009

Bed Half-Made, DJ-D8, & It's Raining. . .

Well I've heard of a cup half-full, but a bed half-made? Yes. Every morning that my little senior cat "Missy" decides that it's not time to get up yet! lol. She is very tiny--less than 9 pounds! She has a way about her and she will not get up until she's good and ready! She's so stubborn, it's really kinda funny. But, hey, it's raining cats-n-dogs here, so perhaps it is a good morning to sleep in. California can use the rain, so I won't complain. It sure is cold, though, and that's unusual for these parts. Wind is blowing, too. If I can drag a couple of more lamps in here to brighten up this space, it will be a good day for sewing.
Speaking of sewing: I need to get back to DearJane block #D-8 for the DJ-Retreat BOW which is due this Sunday. I've been working on this block off-n-on for about three days! I don't know why it's taking so long to complete this particular block. The sewing is pretty straight forward. . . just simple applique, but the placement has been problematic! The little bits seem to have a mind of their own and keep migrating across the background! They just won't stay where they are put! lol. So, I think I'll just stitch it up like it is and move on to another block. I don't view this as 'giving up,' but more like 'being flexible'! *vbg*.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive day!
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Gill - That British Woman said...


I moderate all my comments, so just do a post with your email address on it, and I won't post it, I'll delete it so that way I can send you the recipe's.

Gill in Canada

Cathi said...

Missy looks adorable!! She has her human well-trained, it seems. :-)