Saturday, January 28, 2012

TA DAH! Done... a little sachet bag

Feels sooooooooo good to finish. This sweet little project only took a few bits of time off-n-on for two days and done! Super. I'm happy. Another notch on the OPAM list!

This project is from the "Little Bit French" section of Willowberry Design's site. Please find their button on my left side bar.

First I printed the design on some Sticky Fabri-Solvy -- just run it through your printer like paper. Peel it off the backing paper and stick on your background and begin stitching. No prep, no tracing. I love this stuff!

After the embroidery is complete, it is a good idea to carefully lift the excess Sticky-solvy from your project and trim it away.

Plop it into some water and swish it around for a few seconds and PRESTO all the stuff dissolves and nothing is left but your beautiful stitching! Super. Now just blot on a clean towel and leave to dry, or if in a hurry press it dry.

Trim edges to size -- I cut my background about 1/2 inch bigger than I needed. A slightly larger piece is easier to hoop. After a bit of a trim, I sewed the side seam - a French seam, of course! This one is about 1/8th inch finished.

Now, position the seam down the center back and create the bottom seam... again, it is a French seam.

This was a fun and quick project. I enjoy making small gift items such as this and keeping a stash of them handy for quick gifts.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Quilty hugs,


Elly D said...

Oh how wonderful Cyn :)) Congratulations on your first completion :)) Love it! Must get to mine. What did you use for the background fabric?

Cyn said...

Type of MUSLIN = "Ecology Cloth" purchased from Kathy Smith in MD.