Thursday, November 17, 2011

TaDah!!! More little projects finished -- The Click-It Purse

Last night's sewing finish was a "Click It" Purse. I bought the pattern over a year ago during a Quilt Run, but failed to make it until last night. No grass grows under my feet... right?! lol
The 'magic' that keeps this little item securely closed is: ...
a piece of metal measuring tape! Did you guess what it was? 
This little purse [roughly 8.5" square] takes TWO FQs + two 8" pieces of metal tape. Be sure and round off the cut ends and smooth them with an old file or emery board. It might be a good idea to put a piece of masking tape over the ends as well... don't want the metal tape to "poke" it's way out of the fabric.

This little purse is for my DD to keep in her desk at work. I'm calling it the "911 Bag" because I plan on filling it with emergency items that could be useful: 'cotton angels', bandaids, small sewing kit, lip balm, small tube of Tylenol, Kleenex tissues, nail file, brush/comb,... etc etc..  I think DD will be pleasantly surprised to have this little surprise gifty. Probably wouldn't hurt to make another one for myself and keep it in my car.
A quick visit to a local bead shop was all I needed to creat a 'fob' to hang on the Prairie Point [these are "handles" to open purse]. I found some numbers -- 9-1-1 -- a few crystals, a couple of blue beads, some findings and voila a "911 Bobble" of sorts... just for fun.

That's all for today. I hope where ever you are that you have time to create something you like.