Wednesday, July 20, 2011

INKLINGO HEXIE SWAP . . . GFG Blocks in process


The first few groups of sewn Hexie blocks just had their pictures taken! All of these hexagons are from an Inklingo Swap held in 2006. All are hand sewn. It has been so much fun to sew with other quilters' stash pieces. We all agreed to send six printed & cut hexies, in each of six different fabrics. The yellow/gold centers are all from my own stash.

Do YOU recognize any of the fabrics as the ones you sent? If you do, I hope you will leave a comment and let me know. As I don't have email for everyone, I am unable to notify all the participants that their hexies are up on my blog.

First set is from: CathyM, Kittery, Maine:

Hexies from -  DeborahW, Marysville, WA:

These are from: SandraR., Sandy Springs, MD:

This is how I pressed my blocks -- don't you love how the seam allowances twirl around the intersections? I just love using Inklingo for piecing hexagons!

Most of the Hexies I received are now sewn into blocks, and I hope to get all their pictures up here on my blog very soon. I have not decided how to set all these GFG blocks. Probably something traditional with a green 'connecting' path in hexies, or maybe one-inch diamonds.  Perhaps putting them up on a design wall would be a good idea. They are fun to work with.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will come back and visit again. Until then. . .



Cattinka said...

I like hexagon flowers sewn between green paths, that is a good idea! And on the design wall you can see how many you have and how many green ones you will need. Have fun in turning these into a quilt!

Pat from Florida said...

I love GFG quilts, and making the hexies. I haven't done them with Inklingo yet though. I need to get going on that!