Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hawaii ... Blowin It @ Pali Lookout, the Byoto-In Temple & A "FrozenForrest". . .

Yesterday was fun. We visited the world famous Byoto-In Temple and grounds. Took some nice photos as we walked around -- I put a small album on FB. It was fun to feed the Koi and the Black Swans. As soon as we approached the edge of the stream the Koi swam over to meet us. We hand-fed the black swans - one even nibbled Sid's fingers! Ouch.

Then we visited Pali Lookout on the way home. It is VERY windy there! We had a ton of fun. Sid was really 'hamming' it up for the camera... but the strong winds are no joke. I nearly got blown off my feet. lol

Recently, while finishing up the EQ7 Lessons [EQ Mystery, Yahoo Group], I designed a fun little quilt to represent Sid's time here in Hawaii. If you haven't had time to read the 22 lessons in the manual, check it out -- great info! I had a lot of fun with these lessons.

If the weather cooperates, we hope to visit the Giant Swap Meet and then Pearl Harbor today. We might even go to the Exchange -- we are looking for MuuMuus to wear to the Luau tomorrow night.

Following our BBQ feast on Memorial Day, Sunday, Bill created what he calls a Frozen Forrest: Coffee, coffee Ice Cream, Kalua, Vodka... whirl in blender, swirl chocolate syrup into cup and pour drink inside! Wowzer... these are delish! As you can tell from the cup, I drank a few sips before remembering to take a photo. LOL

All for now. Where ever you are I hope you can be with those you love,

Hugs & Aloha,

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My Life and Quilting said...

Hi Cyn... I just wanted to let you know the drink that you had is called Mud Slide... Yes, they are delisous... Hugs :)