Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friendship is Golden!

Hello. . .
Thank you everyone for the beautiful emails and well wishes you've sent me. I'm still healing, but things are going along well.

This beeee-oooo-ti-ful Orchid was sent to me by five lovely friends. Isn't it wonderful?!  I just LOVE orchids!

The picture below is a closeup of the fabulous Lapis Blue Ceramic Pot that this gorgeous Orchid was delivered in.  It has been at my house for several weeks and it is still in BLOOM! Wonderful. I will treasure this plant for all the years that it decides to live with me!  Orchids thrive on neglect, so that's good news, and my kind of plant! lol. Thank you again dear dear friends... you know who you are. ; -)

Here's a closeup of one of the flowers... orchids facinate me with their shapes and color shading.

This post is just a quickie... but I'd like to mention that I'm taking pics of some easy small projects I'm working on and will share them with you soon. Also have designed a new project I'm calling "MicroMitts".  I'll post the pattern here just as soon as I work out a few more kinks! lol 

As it's been a month, almost to the day that I've posted, I just want to say "Hi!" and "thank you" to everyone. . .I sure have missed Blog-Land.
Many Hugs,
Cyn; -)


Frummie said...

Glad to see you back.
Love you

Elly D said...

Ditto what Frummie said ;) The Orchid is beautiful and so is the pot. :)

Love and hugs

Retrogirl said...

Gorgeous orchid! Love them!! So glad to see you're up to taking a few photos and posting again.
Best Wishes,

Brigitte said...

glad you are back, nearly! I was thinking of your recovery. Hugs Brigitte