Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quilt, Knit, Garden... oh my!

Hi! Today I'd like to share some photos to "catch up" on project pics and bring my blog current:

First a wonderful little quilt made by my friend Steffini. She does impeccable work... some of those "pieces" are less than 1/8" -- wow! Thank you again, Steffini.

Remember the Shawl I was working on some months ago? Well it knitted up really fast on size 10 needles in Unspun Icelandic Wool that I buy from here. Since then the poor thing has been languishing while I figure out how I'm going to block it. It measures 74 inches across, unblocked! Blocking will definitely help the lace designs pop out and be more visable. Now if I can figure out a space big enough to pin it out. lol

Two of the three orchid plants in the house are in bloom... I just love orchids; they are my kind of plant as they thrive on neglect!

DD and I are trying our hand at growing a tomato plant in a pot in the front yard. This location gets lots of sun and is away from her dog who sometimes likes to "decorate" the yard plants. Yuck! lol.

It is fairly loaded with green fruit now and has a RED one kinda buried in the center of the plant. If you look closely, you can barely see the red peeking through the greenery. Let's hope the rest of them redden up... yummo!

We planted a lemon tree last year and it has really taken off. Even tho' it remains somewhat scrawney, it sets quite a bit of fruit. We're hoping to get enough lemons at one time to make a Lemon Meringe Pie... my fave!

That's it for tonight... hope everyone had a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by and hope you will visit again soon.
Cyn; -)


Rosa Robichaud said...

Oh WOW!!! Wasn't it just LAST YEAR that this tree had it's very first (and only) lemon?!?!? and I was singing "Lemon Tree, Very Pretty..." ?!??! LOL

We should perhaps be singing "Happy Birthday", eh?!?? LOL

Some kind of citrus (alcoholic) drink would be MY choice.... but lemon pie is good too! *grin*


Frummie said...

a lemon meringe sounds good to me.
Happy Birthday Lemon Tree.

Karen said...

The little Christmas quilt is very nice. What a good gift.