Monday, July 2, 2012

TOOL TIME: Mini-Stubby Screwdrivers for sewing machine ...

How many times do you swear under your breath when trying to get at the screws on some of our sewing machines so maintenance can be performed? Even the smallish drivers that come in kits or included with our sewing machines has a handle that is always too long! Nuts. I found a SOLUTION!
Tiny Screwdriver fits perfectly!
Tiny screwdriver comes in a set of 4 - different sizes/types
On eBay I discovered some really great and very SHORT screwdrivers. They are just the perfect size, easy to handle, fit perfectly under s.m. arm, and also fit perfectly into my sewing machine feet accessory box. How cool is that? I am Happy Dancing! Maybe now I will clean out my bobbin area more often as it is now sooooooooooo easy to get to! Yippee Skippee! More good news: they only cost $5.99 and that included the s/h. You might even find them cheaper at your local hardware or "Harbor Freight" store.
Hard to reach screws to clean and maintain bobbin area
That's all for now. Hope you will return soon for another visit. Until then. . . [MenuFun is below]

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Quilty Hugs,

Lunch today was a gi-nor-mous fresh raw salad. It had almost everything but the kitchen sink in it! lol. The TIP of the Day is: Try SALSA on your next salad instead of regular salad-dressing. Yummy and only 10 Calories for 2 big Tablespoons! I found a great Organic Salsa at "Earthgrown" a few days ago. A pic of the jar is below:
The "Kitchen Sink" salad w/ Salsa for dressing
Salsa found at "Earthgrown Market"


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I always keep one of these handy too! Have had it for years. Wow! Another great looking salad!! Never thought of using salsa on a salad. Thanks for sharing.
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Elly D said...

I must get me one of these! LOL... I do have my own tool set though which I bought for messing with the vintage sewing machines I have. This stubby set would be a great addition.
Why do sewing machine manufacturers not provide you with the right tools for getting into your machines? I had a similar problem with my little Brother once. Needed to change a foot or something but could I move that screw?
Your salad looks yummy :) hugs Ellyx

LuAnn said...

I used to have one of those in my sewing room but not sure where it has gotten to. I'll look for it soon. That salad looks great. I love salsa on a salad.

Unknown said...

I have been searching for these screwdrivers. I saw a friend with one at a quilt retreat in November and I almost came unglued. I tried our Menard's store and they did not carry them. I will try eBay today. This is a nice blog, and will be checking in. Have a wonderful day everyone!