Sunday, July 22, 2012

MORE EQ7 & some fun plans are underway!

The EQ7 class I'm taking from Fran Gonzales at Quilt University is so much fun! I'm learning a ton - much more than I ever did on my own and I am one of those "manual-instruction-book-reader" types.  Just give me a manual and leave me alone for a little while and I'll get it. Well it hasn't worked that way with EQ7 and it didn't work for EQ5, but I think it is because I never really applied myself. Now only 12 practice hours later, I feel comfortable with EasyDraw! Wow, that's saying something.

Today I went a little -- ok, a lot! -- wild and used the brightest, wildest fabrics I could find in the EQ Libraries... above is the result.  Below is a crazy block I drew. I like the lines, the fabric is so-so, but it would look better if I had put some do-dahs and embroidery on it. Oh well, I think we learn how to do that next week.

Until next time. . .thank you for popping in for a visit. Oh, by the way, if you are not a Follower [and I hope you are!], would you consider adding yourself? As soon as this blog hits the magic number of "100",  I will have a give-a-way to celebrate.  Now what could be more FUN than FREE quilty stuff? Nothing I can think of.

Quilty Hugs,


April said...

Your so close to 100 followers! Good luck. :)

Elly D said...

Great going Cyn!! You're way ahead of the game than me :))