Thursday, September 1, 2011

GIANT GRANNY SQUARE CAL. . . With A Lot Of Help From My Friends!

You know the lyrics of the song. . . "With A Little Help From My Friends"? Well, that's exactly what I received this week -- in spades! I received a LOT of help!  On Tuesday, MaryEllen gave me a HUGE laundry basket of yarn! WOW!! Thank you, Mary Ellen!

And then, many friends provided lots of "hand holding" to help me remember how to crochet, as I haven't done any in quite awhile. Thank you for the help, the Tutes, the encouragement: EllyD, LuAnn, Katrin, and Sucrette [who began the CAL... Crochet A Long]. Thank you so much.

This is how much I have done so far this evening... not much, I know, but it's a beginning:

To change colors in the next round, I'm guessing we cut the yarn and pull it through the sl st just made, turn, attach new color and crochet the following round. Not sure if that is correct, but that is how I plan to do it. lol

That's all for now. Thank you so much for stopping by for a little visit. I hope you will CAL with all of us, too. The info may be found on Sucrette's blog [click on her link above].

Bye for now. .  .



Pat from Florida said...

Looks good to me! I love to crochet, but don't do it very often.

Cattinka said...

Hi Cyn,
how nict that you started you giant granny, it will be a pleasure to watch your progress.
By the way I didn´t turn after attaching a new colour I cept goint the same direction all the time, and I attach the new colour with the last slipstitch of a round.
Have fun with your new project

LuAnn said...

I turn my work over each time I do a round because I just finished a pillow recently and it turned out a bit wonky going all the same direction. Your basket full of yarn looks like fun. It looks like you have a good selection of colors for your blanket. I can't wait to see your progress. Your beginning looks great!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a 132 square granny square afgan for my Great-grandson. I am eager to start the next project -it is so relaxing. Thinking of doing a giant single square-I have lots of colors, but may decide to add a couple more. Hope to have it ready for a Christmas gift.