Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SMALL, but DONE! . . . An Easy Stitch n Slash Project

Not too long ago -- maybe a couple of months -- several of us were making "Sew n Slash" projects. Rosa made a neat rug for her bathroom, and Joy and I made potholders. The one above shows my last one. Don't know why or how this poor little thing got left unfinished. . . probably just got forgotten under a pile of other stuff. LOL. Right now it is in the dryer getting all "fluffy".

The method is really easy and quick: LAYER several pieces [I used five, 8" squares of FLANEL] all RIGHT SIDE UP. PIN in a couple of places to secure; STITCH DIAGONAL lines about ONE INCH apart; Carefully CUT [or use Rotary Slasher]  inbetween the stitching lines through all but the LAST layer. BIND or finish how you want. Machine wash and dry to fluff out the layers and make it "bloom".  Below, after its bath and run through the dryer:

That's all for now. Thank you for stopping by to visit.

PS... Please note: the "date" of this posting shows "Sat, 20 Aug", even tho' today [Tues., 23 Aug] is the day I'm posting. Not sure how to change that. I began on Sat., but was not able to finish until today. Does anyone know how to change the dates? Regarding blogging, I still have a strong learning curve going on. lol.


LuAnn said...

I made a big pillow for my daughter to take to college using that stack and slash method, and she still uses it. To change the date on your post: under the box where you typed your post click on Post Options. Then schedule your post for a later time and change the date there. So when it posts it will be the day you finished it. Love your potholder!

Pat from Florida said...

Your pot holder looks great. I make them with homespun. I'll have to give flannel a go.

Sometimes it's nice to FINISH something - anything - no matter how small.