Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SPIDER WEDs., and more strings n things, & a Touch of Crazy!

SpiderWeb Wednesday is here! Thank you Cattinka for starting and managing our 'web'. It's been a lot of fun. The block was drawn in EQ7 and so were the four setting corners in the border--they were all made with PPing. Not sure how to quilt it... does anyone have any suggestions??? I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thank you.

Many of the gals in my Tuesday Friendship Group are also making Spiders and other string projects. This is Susan's Batik Strings set 4-blocks-together and then sashed:

 Rosemary made a couple of quilts! She's one of our High Achievers! The quilt below is her take on an Amish String HST. This quilt will have more borders added to it:

I love Crazy Quilting of all kinds. This is a pic of a name tag I made about 1987 or 88. It is worn and frazzeled, so it is time to make a new one... here's the oldie [but goodie?? lol]: Oh, I should mention that this piece has 'real' fresh-water pearls & 14k gold 'liquid' beads sewn on it... nope, don't wanna wash it.
Thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope where ever you are that you have both the time and the inclination to create something that makes you happy. . . until next time. . .
Cyn; -)

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Cattinka said...

Another try to leave you a comment. I think your name tag looks still good, and I like the way you show what the ladies created in your stitch group, they make beautiful quilts. And the thing I like best is your spider web quilt. The top turned out so nice!