Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SPIDER WEDNESDAY & Other Strings n Things, & 10-Minute Quilt Blocks

Yesterday was Tuesday Friendship Group and Deb brought her Spider top -- isn't it gorgeous? A big "thank you" goes to Katrina for organizing our SpiderWeb Ring .  . . it has been a lot of fun! Go visit Katrina's blog to see a list of the whole Ring of quilters making Spider blocks.

Now to decide -- border or not to border? Here's one option:

I finished the embroidery on Sidney's SBS block and decided to make the little bird dark blue with a turquoise-green eye. Now just a small pieced border to finish it off. I'll take it with me to Hawaii on Saturday and finish sewing it while waiting in the airport. With a long two hour wait until flight time, it will give me something pleasant to work on.

Rani is new to our group  [but long-time friend] -- she makes beautiful quilts. This is her latest batik squares:

Also Rani's -- very colorful and with applique:

Pat has been busy sewing up more 10-Minute blocks from 5 inch batik Charm Squares. If you would like to see how to make these click here for a short how-2 video:

Pat is auditioning her layout [above] and the tape is to keep it all together -- she rolls it up and takes it home and everything stays in place! Good idea.

That's all for this morning -- I hope where ever you are that you find time to create something that makes you happy.



Petruschka said...

It's a great idea to sew the spider with blue fabrics, because blue is my favorite colour. And I like the other quilts too.

Hugs, Petruschka

Rena said...

Dear Cyn ,
yes it is !!!
Your spiderWeb is gorgeous ,
love it so much !I would like it without border ...your SBS block is lovely and an excellent idea to finish it in the airport !
Rani`s batik quilt is wonderful and her autuum quilt ,too .
Love Pat´s batik quilt and many thanks for this video , tomorrow I`ll
look once more :-)

Have a good trip , take care

Enjoy !


Pat from Florida said...
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Pat from Florida said...

I like the border. It's hard to tell, not in person. Whatever you decide will be wonderful. You can't go wrong with those colors!

Cattinka said...

I see some other ladies from the spider web group stopped by already.
I like that spider web with the blue rectangles a lot too, and thanks again for showing all these lovely projects.