Monday, March 8, 2010

YIPPEE-SKIPPEE: Network up and running. . .

Hello World!

Let's see, it's been since August that I've posted! WOWZER! I have experienced more than a few putter problems at my end of the keyboard and I was ill for a few months which really slowed me, it has taken this long to get things going again. Persistance, that's the key! LOL

I will be u/l pics real soon and bringing the blog up to date... but meanwhile, just wanted to say, "Hey!" to everyone and to send special thanks to all of those who left comments and emailed me privately with their well-wishes. Thank you so much!

More to follow, soon!




Miriam said...

Great to see you back, Cyn!!

Terry said...

Welcome back Cyn :) Can't wait to see what all you have done since August!

Susan said...

Great to "see" you Cyn!!

Trust you'll continue to know good health.

I'm not sure if my emails did get through or not.