Tuesday, June 4, 2013

STRIP-STRINGS-PIECING ... Grocery Bag ReCycler

From waste to waste-not. A big pile of odd strings n strips made into rectangular blocks:

Sewed blocks together to get an 18 inch square [give or take]. Added some FMQ. I need more practice so I can get my FMQ MoJo back... I am so rusty! lol

Add a little FMQ - sorry for fuzzy pic
Trimmed it up and made it into a useful item: Grocery Bag ReCycler to store neatly those plastic bags we get sometimes at the store. I mostly use my own bags these days, but there are times when I forget. This keeps them neat and organized until I can take them to the recyle bin. Yippee... another OPAM13 finish!

If there is interest, I will write a complete tute on my process, using FP as a foundation, spray starch, hairspray, etc....

Thank you for popping in to visit. I appreciate everyone of you! Until next time. . . I am off to Tuesday's Friendship Group Meeting for the afternoon. What are YOU up to these days???

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Joyce Carter said...

Hi. I really like your bag and would love to see how you made it. I do have grocery bags that I keep to use, but I don't have a pretty way to display them. I usually just throw them in a cabinet. This would be a cute way to store them and be able to get them as I need them. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

Peziperli said...

Wonderful bag! Have a good time!

Pat from Florida said...

Best looking bag holder I've seen!

tich said...

Pretty bag! I would love to see how you made it. what is the hairspray for?

Elaine Adair said...

WE all need those easy days of just stitchin'! Good result for a useful project. 8-))

LuAnn said...

I have one of those hanging inside my closet door but have no idea how it was made. It would be nice to see a tutorial. The one I have is just one piece of fabric......not pretty like yours! Love it.