Saturday, March 2, 2013

INKLINGO's COTSG MYSTERY, Plus A Nifty Little Notion

A very fun Mystery is going on right now. .. the COTSG: The Case Of The Secret Garden. We are up to Clue#4 in the Mystery. Clue#5 will post this coming Monday. Already the blocks are coming together. Some of the design elements that Linda Franz of Inklingo put into this Mystery are beginning to reveal themselves. Fun! Below are pics of some of my progress so far:

'dark' spokes of wheel
'light' spokes of wheel
Sewing on the end piece - can you see the stitching lines and matching cross hairs printed on the back of the little piece being sewn? Makes for a perfect fit every single time!
Recently I tried a new version of an Ott Light I found on sale at Joann's Fabrics. It is a tiny portable light. It gives off a remarkable amount of light for its small size. When I am sewing at night, I place the light on its side inside the harp of my machine and it floods light directly on the needle area. These ol' eyes can use a lot of light. I have no affiliation, I just like this product.
Tiny OTT Light [u/left side of this pic]... gives off a lot of light! And fits in one's sewing case. Tiny and powerful; nice combo. No affiliation, just like the product.

Pocket-sized OTT Light
Until next time. . . I will be helping out with the Quilter's Run at ARETOY Quilt Shop in Oceanside, California. If you are in the area, please stop in and say hello! Sew, that's it for me... what are YOU up to this weekend???

Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

Great progress on the mystery, Cyn. Are you sewing by machine or hand?

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see your mystery come together! Love the fabric choices! And, oh howdy! The more light, the better! For sure!

Linda and Monkey said...

I love your fabrics, Cyn. I think you are going to love them even more when you see the finished quilt! Hugs, Linda & Monkey

Cathi said...

Your fabrics are wonderful! I think you're going to have a fabulous quilt when the mystery is done! I can't wait to see all the different quilts that will come out of this.
What a great little Ott lamp!

Brigitte said...

love your mystery progress! this lamp jumped into my shoping bag last year in California ;-)
hugs Brigitte

Deb A said...

Love how your mystery is coming together. I hope she does another one later this year or next so I can join in. Still have not printed off fabric... but I got new ink for the printer so I'm set to try it soon!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What neat looking blocks Cyn! I bought one of those lights too and they are bright.