Monday, January 14, 2013

Surprise Gifts from Germany... & Photo u/l problem solved!!

Friends are so wonderful! Not too long ago a surprise package arrived from Germany. Brigitte had knitted a beautiful shawl for me- see below - and our mutual friend Katrin made me a Pouch and hand crocheted Key Cover to tuck inside the package! Big surprise!
The darling pouch holds my new iPhone perfectly and safely - the front pocket holds the 'ear buds' or the charging cord.  I just love the fabric Katrin used!

See my iPhone - the black, just barely peeking out the back pocket??
I just love the darling lime green closure snap. Not sure what it is made of... plastic maybe? Never seen them before. Because it is soft, there are no worries the phone screen will get scratched.

Hand crocheted KeyCover - created by: Katrin /Cattinka
The beautiful shawl below, was knitted by Brigitte. Isn't it gorgeous?!! Thank you so much. This lovely shawl is the pefect size to wear draped over one's shoulders, or looped and secured with a shawl pin [like a scarf]. I've worn it both ways and absolutely love it!
A big hug to my DD Laura who agreed to model the shawl so I could get some pictures. Thank you, Laura!
This great pic really shows off the beautiful yarn Brigitte used.
Thank you again, Brigitte and Katrin. I'm overwhelmed by your generosity and I will always treasure these lovely gifts.

Blog photo u/l problem solved: A HUGE Thank You to Cath, Mary and Tina who offered excellent advice in their comments regarding the photo uploading problems many of us have been dealing with lately. Today's fix turned out to be a very simple one: I tweeked Tina's suggestion and just toggeled between "compose" and "html" in the post editor. Select 'html' to u/l pics, then toggle back to 'compose' to move pics around, add captions, edit/write the text, etc.. Worked like a charm!  One note: b/c I am a novice with HTML, I found it easier to select/copy/paste and move the text around... NOT the photos. Was pretty easy.  Thank you again, ladies... aren't bloggers wonderful?!

Until next time. . .

Quilty Hugs,


beaquilter said...

you didn't get picasa to work?

Mary said...

I have had to load to Picasa album is how I had to do it today. Stupid to have to upload to two places. I am having the problem too today.

Cath said...

I had the same problem and couldn't figure it out (see Susan gave me a link to Chookyblue's post on this problem at
I looked into it and it worked ok. Then suddenly no problems. Read the bit where she says do not, not, not delete old posts.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Clothesline Club said...

I was having a problem also. I got this info below from a blogger that I follow. It worked for me except that I had to load 1 pic at at time and could only get 4 to load into my blog.
good luck. Hope this helps.

Are any of you out there are having the same issues that I am?..with uploading pictures from your hard drive to blog posts??? Well, I went out to Mr. Google and posed my question/problem and I was brought back to Blogger "help". This what Blogger Help suggested. This suggestion did help me.

There are two rectangles on the far left of the bar where you can decide font and size and color, etc. The two rectangles you need to locate are "compose" and "HTML". Up until now...I've always posted to my blog, in the "Compose" mode. And, up until a week or so ago, I was able to upload pics from my hard drive while in this mode. Now I can't. But, if I click on the "HTML" mode, I can! YAY!!. One problem and the pain of it, is that I have to switch back to "Compose" mode to actually write the post. And, another problem is, I'm not exactly sure where the pictures are going to come up within the post. But, it's workable.

Blogger said that this problem is mostly with users of Explorer. They haven't been aware of this problem with Google Chrome or FireFox. They are in the process of trying to remedy the problem all together.

Deb A said...

Such pretty gifts in the mail!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a beautiful shawl...and model and that is a neat carrier for your new phone. I'm sorry you had so many problems with photos Cyn. I switch back and forth between compose and HTML in all my posts but haven't had problems uploading photos in either. I only use FireFox.

Elly D said...

Beautiful shawl and such a cute pouch and key cover. :) you lucky lady :))
I hope you get your posting problems fixed. I use the windows live writer to make my posts then publish to my blog.
Love and hugs

Michelle said...

Glad you were able to fix your problems with upload. I don't have time to figure out who to do a blog well, so that is one reason I haven't started one yet. Lovely gifts! Such a treasure to wear and look at. :)