Sunday, August 26, 2012

UFO SUNDAY! More FMQ... I'm loving this!

Check out the nifty new button on my Left Side Bar... UFO Sunday! Leah Day, of the Free Motion Quilting Project fame, made a new button and is encouraging people to finish stuff. Yep, I think this might help me get some more projects actually finished. How about you?

I spent about 30 minutes earlier today FMQ on the last border for my Crazy9Patch quilt. TaDah! All four borders are quilted. I ran out of thread so just used something 'similar'. Once quilted it looked ok. I was surprised. lol. Lesson learned.
Back:  Closeup of my DRIZZLING. I like the texture.
Is the quilting perfect? Absolutely NOT! But, hey, I think it is reasonably acceptable. I figure I can only improve from here... if I keep practicing that is!
Back: Tension is off a tad and a few stitches are "their own size".
Thread tension... I simply must remember to check this before I "drizzle" all over the piece I'm quilting. "Drizzle", that's what I call the FMQ I am doing right now. Can't call it meandering [not random enough]. Certainly can't call it Stippling... too big! So DRIZZLE... and that's good enough for me for right now.

How about you? How are you coming along this beautiful Sunday? Do you have a UFO to work on?

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Until next time. . .
Quilty Hugs,


Sil said...

Yes, its perfect!

Sheila said...

I like it! The thread, too!
Been a quiet weekend. Mostly cooked meals for family.

Frummie said...

I love your DRIZZLE. The storms are over and we are having DRIZZLE right now. How are your rumbles?

sulrossgrad (Emma) said...

Who needs perfect, anyway? You have finished a beautiful piece and that's the goal, right?

Shauna said...

Love your newly coined word, 'drizzle' - that is exactly how I would describe my quilting!