Thursday, June 28, 2012

CROCHET SCRUNCHIE & 2 Menu Ideas: Soup n Salad

Spent most of today working on files. Yuck. But it is a task that must be done from time to time. Isn't it amazing how the "paper chase" can drown a room?

It's almost bedtime, but wanted to try a quick crochet project: A little scrunchie for a twist, or ponytail, or any similar style that holds hair out of our faces when we are playing sports, or just scrubbing the floors. Easy peasy: DblCr + Ch1 over hair band all around, sl st to join. Optional "loopy" round: Sc in first space, Ch5, Sc in same space; repeat all around and join with sl st and fasten end. Ta Dah. Takes about 15 minutes - tops!

The menu ideas are: Split Pea Soup cooked with a few veggies and Amaranth. Amaranth is an ancient grain that is chock full of nutrition and fiber. Yummo! The salad was made from diced cucumbers, red bell peppers, green onions. A little sprinkle of herbs, garlic, and rice vinigar. Served over red-tipped lettuce. Made for a nice lunch.

Dinner was a dry-saute [no oil] of veggies on hand that I turned into a Marinara Sauce and served over WholeWheat Pasta. I was sorry not to have had any mushrooms to add. A sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast [in lieu of cheese] and voila! Dinner.

That's it for tonight. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. This weekend I will be busy making about 25 MugRugs for DD's office crew..... if anyone has ideas to share... now's the time! *g* Oh... and they must be finished by Sunday night, but there's no hurry or pressure, right?!

Quilty Hugs,


Candace said...

Looks like some 'good' healthy recipes. Is the Amaranth anything like Farro? I was thinking, do the MugRugs have to match, or would it be a good time to use up some orphan blocks?

Sheila said...

Very healthy!
If I had to do 25 mug rugs in that short amount of time, I'd choose fabrics with busy patterns so there would be no need for piecing. Cut fifty squares. Then I would stack two squares right sides together and top with a square of batting. Stitch 1/4" seam around the edge and leave a couple inches space so that I could turn it right side out. After a good pressing, I would do a decorative stitch around the edges. A good press and done :D

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a cute scrunchie, I wear one all the time in the summer. I can't get over how the new recipes you are making look so good! Maybe more of us should be eating this way, I've never heard of Amaranth, do you like it? Have fun making all those mug rugs, you probably have them done already!