Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday AGAIN Already???

Hello Friends in BlogLand. . .
This is just a quickie post to say "Hi" and leave you with a chuckle -- Monday's need all the help they can get! lol

After I hit the market for some produce, and then JoAnn's for some supplies for tomorrow's project at Friendship Circle, I plan to sit on my tushie and crochet on Laura's soon-to-be Granny Gone Wild afghan.  What are all of you up to today???

Thank you for stopping by. I hope where ever you are, you have time to create something that makes you happy! Sew, Quilt, Knit, Tat, Crochet, occasional Cooking. . . Life Is GOOD!



Pat from Florida said...

Too funny! Thanks.

I'm whipping up snowmen for the swap on DJ Alternate. That's just how I like my snow -- fake! Same with cats (I'm allergic).

LuAnn said...

Hi Cyn Love the cartoon. I hope you found lots of time to crochet on your daughter's afghan today.

Cattinka said...

Crocheting, what else.