Friday, April 8, 2011

It's NOT Wednesday. . . but here come more Spiders!

The little Spider blocks I've been making are becoming addictive! lol.  I made a few more today. So far I have nine useable blocks:

 It does cause quite a mess during the PPing process with scraps, threads, and paper flying everywhere. . . but that's ok.
A little squaring up; stitch blocks together, then perhaps just a simple little border and I'll have a topper for the breakfast table. What kind of border would you put on???

Wowzer, between these loud colors and a cuppa coffee, that should provide a good morning wake up! lol

Thank you for stopping by. . . I hope that where ever you are, you find some time to stitch and create.
Cyn; -)


Cattinka said...

That really looks good! I would put a bit of yellow around the blocks, and then maybe some more stripes to finish it off. It will look beautiful.

Linda C said...

How cute those spiders are compared to the real ones! Looks like you are having a blast.

I love to foundation piece but you are quite right about it being a bit messy. I have a ream or two of newprint weight paper so I can run things from EQ thru the printer. Only problem the latest order has to be trimmed down from 9 inch wide to fit the printer----booo!

Brigitte said...

hi Cyn
I'm so glad you are back into the sewing department ;-)
love your blocks and can't wait to see your final decision
hugs Brigitte