Friday, July 3, 2009

Purse: Knitted w/Cables & Bamboo Handles....

As so often happens, one of my DDs saw a picture of something and wanted one for herself. I saw a version of this purse on the Vogue Knitting website and showed it to DD#2 [first mistake]. She said, "ooooo, I'd LOVE one, but I really want it to be BLACK" . I said OK... [2nd mistake]. Then she cooed that she'd prefer not to have knitted handles; could I attach something else?! Oh, sure [3rd mistake]. I took her with me to the store to pick out her handles {major mistake!}.
So. . . now we are going to knit up a purse just like the pattern, only "different," with oval bamboo handles connected to top of a rectangular shape, and it will be black! Black is always harder for me to knit with... I don't see the stitches as clearly... oh well, black it is! lol.
Oh, and 'we' need it lined with pockets inside... I said I'd try [another mistake]. The yarn was purchased Mar2008; I knitted the 'body' over the weekend at the DJ Retreat in Shipshe in April2008, and finished adding the lining, crochet, & bamboo handles the evening of July 1st, 2009.... as things go, I guess that's not too bad! lol... at least it is no longer a UFO. DD loves it... I'm glad. ;-)
So, here it is... the completed purse. The pic is pretty bad and the scissors are just stuck in to show there are pockets inside. It looks grey in this pic, but trust me, it's b-l-a-c-k! The lining is grey, though.

That's all for now... thank you for stopping by,
PS: If the top edge looks a little different it's because I added two rows of single crochet [to firm up the edge] before I crocheted a 'gusset tube' [I don't know what else to call it] to secure the handles. Until I got the hang of what I was trying to 'invent,' I felt all thumbs holding the purse, handles, yarn and crochet hook. lol. Well, all's well that ends well... I!


Crispy said...

What a good mom you are. Thank goodness she was happy with it LOL.


ranette said...

So cute Cyn! I want one too! LOL
I hope your dd knows how Blessed she is.

Cattinka said...

What a nice purse. I´m sure your DD will use it all the time, after waiting on it for such a long time!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Lovely, LOVELY work, Cyn!!!!

Should we stand in line and place our orders, now?!??


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I do believe that flutio is latin for "flute". LOL

Rose Marie said...

I had a purse like this many years ago and it was perfect as I could stuff lots and lots of things in it. What goes around, comes around. Thanks for the memory.

Elly D said...

WOW! Cyn it looks great! Better not let my DD see it or she'll want one!
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