Tuesday, January 6, 2009

. . . the beginning / intro

Hello... I am taking the plunge and creating my first Blog after much encouragement from friends--you know who you are! LOL. My plan is to post my thoughts and progress relating to quilting projects--mostly DearJane, currently. Also, from time to time I will probably write about some travels in my new-to-me RV, classes I take, digital photography and other interests, and thoughts I need to write down or share. As one friend put it, "don't wait 'till you have it all figured out; just go for it!" So, taking Elly's sage advice, I will just make this up as I go along.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog and I hope you will come back again when I actually have pictures posted, finish setting this up and perhaps even figure out what I'm doing!

Happy New Year, everyone!




Elly D said...

HURRAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST POST!!! I TOLD YOU IT WAS EASY DIDN'T I. Now just take your time and enjoy the process of learning and flying by the seat of your pants!LOL. This is how I did it. I have clicked to follow your blog... Can't wait to see what you put up.... :))) I'm so happy for you... you will enjoy it I know.

RagDoll said...

I came in thru my blog.... Hey you will find a blog is very addicitve, hope you enjoy it as I have. I have added you to follow.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cyn:-) Great start....You have me beat...I post to mine then use the delte key! I'll never get anywhere doing that!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Welcome to "Blog-Land", Cyn!!!!


Caron said...

Way to go, Cyn!!!! That was the EASY part! Now, you need to blog regularly, add photos, jazz up your side bar... and those are just a FEW things!

The hard part is learning to step away from your computer and find yourself some quilting time, because blogging can be addictive!